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Buying flood insurance is the best thing you can do to protect your family, home, business and financial security from a flood.

Flood insurance is also very affordable. It is federally subsidized so it costs far less than if the premiums were determined by a free market so take advantage of this opportunity. Flooding is the greatest risk in many areas and is very inexpensive to insure against compared to other risks.

When you are a flood insurance policyholder:

  • Flood insurance compensates you for all covered losses.
  • Coverage is relatively inexpensive.
  • you can depend on being reimbursed for flood damages, even if the President does not declare a Federal disaster.
  • You do not have to repay a loan, as you do with Federal disaster relief packages. Your covered losses are paid in full.
  • You can count on your claim being paid in the event of a flood loss because NFIP flood insurance is backed by the Federal government.
  • You claim will be handled quickly to minimize the impact on your life. You can even request a partial payment immediately after a flood, which can help you recover faster.