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Your home is a very large investment and is worth spending a little time to find the insurance coverage you need for an affordable price.  We provide our clients great coverage to protect this investment by selecting insurance companies with outstanding policies and customer service.

Standard Coverages include:

Property Coverage: Our policies provide replacement cost for your home for covered perils.  It is important to make sure that if disaster strikes, you have enough insurance to remove the debris and replace your home.  We gather details about your home and calculate an appropriate replacement cost for your structure.  Many insureds want to reduce the amount of coverage when they are shopping for insurance in order to lower their premium, but if there is a peril, the first thing an insured "stresses-out" about is "do I have enough coverage".  Because of this, we only insure homes at the calculated value.

Seperate Structures: This coverage insures structures othe than the primary dwelling.  These structures are typically covered at 10% of the property coverage.

Contents: This is the coverage for the contents of your home.  Basically, if you took the roof off of your house and were able to turn the house upside-down and shake it, everything that fell out would be your contents.  We typically cover contents at replacement cost due to the fact that most household goods depreciate rapidly and it is very difficult to retain your "standard of living" if your contents are not valued properly.

Liability: Covers you on and off premises if you or listed members of your household are legally liable for damages due to accident or neglect.  This insurance covers legal expenses as well.  Because of this, it is useful to get the maximum amount of coverage, which is usually $500,000. 

Medical: Pays the medical costs for injury to non-residents at your house.   This coverage is provided in increments of $1,000 up to $5,000.  Again, we typically recommend the maximum amount of coverage to our clients.

Additional Living Expenses: This is very important coverage and pays for you to stay in "like accomodations" relative to your home up to the coverage provided on the policy.  This coverage varies on the different policies, but should be enough to accomodate you until your home is repaired or replaced.